How do we make disciples who make disciples of Jesus in this rapidly changing world?


What difference can we make in our community?

In the Evansville area, over 40% of children grow up in single parent households. One out of 4 children have some type of mental health, developmental, or conduct problem. Over 1/3 of area adults abuse alcohol and many battle a host of crippling addictions. In the 21st century, the prevailing culture seems to have blurred or even discarded the values, convictions, and boundaries that once shaped family life. Where can families turn for help in dealing with the complex challenges of raising children in this new world?
We believe that our congregation, our community, and our nation will only be as strong as the families and individuals who live in them. So, we commit to being a church that invests in equipping men and women to love and care for their families as servant leaders. We will be a place where parents find support to build stable households where children can be nurtured into maturity and become the next generation to carry the light of the gospel. We will be a church full of mothers and fathers, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas who see themselves as a critical part of our children’s faith development.
We dream of a future where people from over 125 households risk living an adventure together in a thriving community committed to building strong, flourishing families who can help transform our culture. We will be a church where children, students, singles, single parents, young marrieds, empty-nesters, blended families, widows and widowers all have a place at the Olivet table…a table set by God where all labels are forgotten except for that of brothers and sisters. We dream of being a church that leaves no doubt who its loving Father is.


Sunday Celebration Service 9:00 A.M.
Sunday School for All Ages 10:30 A.M.
THURSDAY & SUNDAY home groups
Meeting in neighborhood homes.
Call church office for a group near you!
Children’s Ministry (Grades PreK – 5)
Student Ministry (Grades 6-12)
Adult Discovery Bible Studies 
(Free childcare available for those attending classes)